Day: 2 October 2014

Along with more than 100 others, I attended the Future Fit workshop in Ludlow last week. My report on it is here. But it seems that it doesn’t matter what we said on that day, Future Fit is unlikely to take Ludlow’s views into account. Future Fit consultants, Participate Ltd reported on the consultation events on Monday, and they didn’t include Ludlow. The Future Fit Deliberative Engagement Events Report, which is due to go to Future Fit board, says: “The events were held in late August 2014 in Wem, Telford, Newtown (Powys) and Shrewsbury.” What about us in Ludlow? Oswestry wasn’t included either. We are being ignored because our events were in September. Ludlow and Oswestry are second and second best in the Future Fit framework.

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