Day: 12 December 2014

How many people are homeless in Shropshire? Shropshire Council answers my questions

As you know, I have been working on housing issues in Ludlow, including homelessness. Next Thursday (18 December), I am will ask a question at Shropshire Council main council meeting on homelessness. The council yesterday published its answer to the question (see below). A few points strike me immediately. Rough sleepers. The estimate of rough sleepers, ten, seems rather low. But it is difficult to estimate this number (see this guide). Cold weather shelter. It is welcome that Shropshire Council is committed to provide temporary accommodation to anyone whom is known to be rough sleeping within Shropshire. This will be available from 15 December until end of February (longer if it’s a severe winter). Emergency accommodation will also be in place if the Met Office predicts the temperature will drop below zero degrees Celsius for three consecutive nights.

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