Day: 8 February 2015

Update 7 June 2015 – Shropshire Council statement A few days ago, Shropshire council issued a statement on the appeal decision (below). The council said: A recent appeal decision… unexpectedly considered and commented on the Councils position which has since been widely propagated as a defining judgement. This is arguable and these are overly simplistic and subjective views on a decision where the Council had not provided detailed narrative, evidence or reasoning as the applicant had agreed to the Affordable Housing Contribution and was not challenging the Council on this particular issue. The Council considers therefore that although this is an important case, it is not a binding precedent and it is a potentially flawed decision against which the Council is considering a formal challenge. As a consequence, the Council’s current position, based upon a robust policy position endorsed by Cabinet, will continue.

From Monday 23 February, the 722 town bus timetable will be rejigged and take different routes on the half hour and the hour. The service will serve Toll Gate Road hourly. On the hour, the bus leaves the Tourist Information Centre at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms and travels via the railway station, Galdeford and Sheet Road to Parys Road. It then visits Toll Gate Road at 10 minutes past the hour and travels on to the Vashon Close turn. After visiting the Eco Park and the Park and Ride at 15 minutes past, the 722 then returns to town via the railway station and supermarkets. On the half hour, the route is quite different.

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