Day: 25 May 2015

Ludlow Registrars Office could close. You may have to go to Shrewsbury to register a death

Update: 26 June 2015 My formal response to Shropshire Council. Main article: 25 May 2015 Nothing can be more exciting than recording a birth, though finding time to do it can be hard. Nothing can be more painful that registering a death, which needs to be done with dignity and without fuss. We might soon have to go to Shrewsbury to register a death, as well as a birth. Shropshire Council is eyeing up reducing hours at Ludlow Registrars Office or closing it altogether. Of course the council needs to save money. Times are hard. But at the same time it wants to centralise services. It was ever thus. But to force people to take a sixty mile round trip to register the death of a loved one is cruel. And its assessment of how the changes will affect people with disabilities and mobility problems is badly flawed.

On birds and trees, planning and police – when can developers chop down trees?

Update May 2016 PC David Hart, mentioned below, is no longer a member of the West Mercia Wildlife Unit. See the West Mercia police website for the latest Shropshire contact. Main article 25 May 2015 When can developers chop down trees? The short answer is anytime. Unless they disturb nesting birds, fall foul of Tree Preservation Orders or the work is extensive enough to require a licence from the Forestry Commission. This article is about disturbing birds. It follows two recent incidences of tree cutting on developments in Ludlow during the nesting season. I am making no suggestion that birds or their nests have been harmed during these operations but I thought it would be useful to clarify what the rules are. I can’t comment on specific cases until I get further information from officers.

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