Day: 30 November 2015

Local planning is dead in Shropshire after 215 houses and controversial footbridge are approved in Ludlow

I have long believed that the Bromfield Meadows housing scheme by Tesni homes would be approved. It seemed obvious from the moment the planning inspector opened the public inquiry into the plans that he would push the scheme through. That has proved to be the case. In allowing the developer’s appeal against refusal of planning permission, the inspector said: “[The scheme] would amount to a logical extension to the town and is to be regarded as sustainable development. Although controversial… the pedestrian and cycle accessibility of the appeal development would be further enhanced by the proposed Fishmore View bridge.”

Dangerous sign removed from Eco Park

It’s been a windy couple of weeks. The weekend before last we had vicious gales overnight on Friday. The winds brought down part of an oak tree on the NHS site. It was a tree that had been partly damaged by a fire in its trunk some while ago. The gales also further damaged an advertising hoarding overlooking the A49. This sign has not been in use for years and was already looking unsafe. After the overnight gales, it had developed a lean and looked ready to fall. The nails holding the hoarding to the posts were also working their way out of the woodwork.

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