Day: 20 September 2019

I have written about events at yesterday’s meeting of Shropshire Council, including the walkout by Tory councillors who could not stomach listening to an Extinction Rebellion protest. That’s ironic. The Tories walked out because they did not want to listen to a protest about the climate emergency. They were more concerned with getting on with the business of building motorways in Shropshire. The Conservative walkout was just ahead of the protests by millions of people around the world today at the lack of progress by our politicians on tackling the climate emergency. Many, but not all, politicians accept the threat of climate change. They just don’t understand the word emergency. Shropshire Council is a microcosm of the world’s approach to climate change. Do as little as possible as late as possible. Richard Davies from Shrewsbury Extinction Rebellion was thrown out of the council meeting by the speaker who asked members to: “Treat [these people] with the contempt they deserve.” The Tories had a fixed look of contempt as they left.  Today Richard has provided a copy of his intended statement. You can read it below. I hope all members of Shropshire Council and town and parish councillors read it.

Refurbishment of Ludlow’s Feather Hotel is nearing completion and the new owners Crest Hotels have applies for an alcohol licence for the new bar, which will be located where the reception was before. Eyebrows are being raised at the application, which proposes selling alcohol, including off sales, until 2:30am at weekend and 1:30am during the week. This looks like a standard application put in by the company’s legal team to cover every option. I very much doubt that Crest will want to become an early hours boozer full of people who leave other pubs at closing time. I wish the Feathers well but this licence application should be resisted. The hotel’s management could change and the Feathers could easily become a focus for antisocial behaviour.  

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