Day: 21 November 2019

Husting for Ludlow candidates – 6pm, Monday 2 December, St Laurence’s Church

The head to head debates on TV tell you little to nothing about how our local MP candidates think their party’s policies will impact on life in the rural south of Shropshire. The husting on 2 December will be an opportunity to quiz the four Ludlow candidates. Churches Together Around Ludlow (CTAL) is to host a husting of Ludlow constituency candidates on 2 December at 6pm in St Laurence’s Church. Doors open at 5.45pm. Questions can only be submitted in writing and only on the night. If your question is selected by the chair, Mike Beazley, you will be allowed to ask a supplementary question. Before questions, Philip Dunne (Conservative), Heather Kidd (Lib Dem), Kuldip Sahota (Labour) and Hilary Wendt (Green) will speak for five minutes. The meeting is expected to end around 8pm but it could run later.

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