Day: February 9, 2020

Shropshire Council’s highways leadership wrecked by potholes amid resignation call

The rain is dancng on the roads and pavements and tap dancing on my windows as Storm Ciara hits with full force. If Shropshire Council is to be believed, potholes will be popping up on roads across the county like zits on a teenager’s face. Too much rain is the latest excuse by the council for the pothole menace invading the county. Even Tory councillors are complaining. It has not been a good week for the Shropshire Council cabinet member for highways and transport, Steve Davenport who is having a bumpy ride. Public outrage over the menace of potholes has bounced to a new bumpy height. Shropshire Council is now to pay a consultant £1,000 a day to solve problems that are of its own making. The management of the highways contract has been a mess for years. Now Shropshire Council Lib Dems are calling for Councillor Davenport to resign.

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