Day: 5 April 2020

Shropshire Council increases funding for domestic abuse services amid concern lockdown will lead to an increase in home violence #coronavirus

It is a sad reality that many people are forced to live with abusers. To share accommodation with people who dominate, control and use domestic violence. The lockdown means that the casual contact with people on the street, in the playground, maybe a cup of coffee, can’t happen anymore. We don’t know how long this lockdown will last. For those suffering abuse, it is harder than ever to plea for help. Abusers often monitor internet and phone use. Shropshire Council has increased its funding for domestic abuse services which remain available 24 hours. Telford and Wrekin is making similar provision. The Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service will be providing support throughout the crisis and beyond.

Recycling collections may reduce during the #coronavirus emergency – please don’t overload black bins

This is green waste collection week in Ludlow. It might just be the last for a while. So far it has been possible to keep all collection rounds running but it is getting more difficult as staff numbers fall. If collections are reduced during the Covid-19 emergency, green waste collection will be the first to go. If staffing levels fall further, collection of boxes of dry recyclables and blue bags of paper and card will be paused. There is no threat to black bins but please do not overload your black bins with material you can store until the emergency passes. Have a thought also for our waste and recycling operatives. Classed as key workers, waste operatives are exempt from social distancing. They travel three to four a cab. We need our waste collectors to ensure that one health emergency does not trigger another.

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