Day: 25 July 2020

If you were the person who voted 226 times on my Sainsbury’s poll last night, you are an idiot

I regard my blog as a place where people can find information. A place where people can ask questions. Where they can agree and disagree. I want to want to hear what people think. I want to hear what they want to know. But last night one idiot tried to saturating my current poll by submitting repeat votes over half an hour. All the votes were that Sainsbury’s will be bad for Ludlow. I call the person an idiot because the votes could only have made by someone who thought a sudden surge in voting, and the pattern of voting, would not be noticed. My blog was not hacked. The idiot was using a known work around to repeatedly vote. I have deleted the votes and closed the loophole but this may prevent people who share computers or internet connections from voting. The imminent arrival of Sainsbury’s will have a major impact on our town. For better or for worse. I want to know what people think about the proposal. I hope you will vote. I am sure that you will vote honestly. You are not idiots.

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