Day: 18 December 2020

Shropshire Council gave false information on prospects for a vaccination centre for south west Shropshire – announcement of centre early next week

What nonsense we were told at Shropshire Council yesterday. Tracey Huffer and I had asked a detailed question on testing for Covid-19 and this had been answered. Our supplementary question asked what the arrangements were for a vaccination centre in south west Shropshire. Tracey led and we could not believe the answer from Councillor Dean Carroll, the portfolio holder for heath. In summary, no hope of a centre for the current vaccine. We will have to wait for the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. Which is not yet approved. As soon as council finished, we got in touch with medical professionals. Councillor Carroll was talking utter rubbish. An announcement on vaccination centre in south west Shropshire will be made early next week. And it will be in place quickly.

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