Our Ludlow Team

Andy BoddingtonAndy Boddington
Councillor Ludlow North
01584 874029
Tracey 175x229Tracey Huffer
Councillor Ludlow East
01584 891215
Viv 175x220Vivienne Parry
Councillor Ludlow South
01584 873604
Richard 175x219Richard Huffer
Councillor for Clee
01584 891215

Can you help?

We are witnessing ferocious cuts to public services. We must ensure that the voices of the vulnerable and heard and that Ludlow thrives. We need more jobs, more affordable housing and we need to tackle the antisocial behaviour, including dog mess.

Your Lib Dem councillors, Viv Parry, Tracey and Richard Huffer and myself are working hard to hard to help the town. You can also help.

There are leaflets to be written and designed, envelopes to be stuffed, mail outs to be delivered, doors to be knocked, websites to be designed and a lot more. There are also a number of research tasks we would like to complete.

We have got a good team here in Ludlow but we need more people.

Could you help? If so, why not drop me an email or give me a ring? Thank you

Andy Boddington

01584 874029 andy@andybodders.co.uk

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