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Local to Ludlow to launch pop open air stall next Thursday, 9 April #coronavirus

Next Thursday 9 April, from 9am to 2pm, a pop up food shop will be in business outside the Local to Ludlow shop at Castle Square, Ludlow. That is just by the market. The stall will feature food and drink from many of the small independent traders we know well from the twice monthly Thursday Local to Ludlow markets. This will be a pilot open air stall where strict social distancing will apply. I hope people will drop by and buy. Many people will be able to walk to the market area, though some people from the outskirts will need to drive. If you do so, please use the occasion to pick up as much shopping and pharmaceuticals as you need for the days ahead to reduce travel. Buses are running to a very reduced timetable.

Rocks Green supermarket plan gets into trouble over trees and landscaping

Shropshire Council’s tree team has voiced its disapproval at the final design of the Rocks Green supermarket site (20/00840/REM). It says the scheme does not represent the best possible sustainable design because “the development fails to effectively protect restore and enhance the natural assets that are key to the character and amenity of the area.” The team is very critical of the limited space being provided for trees, saying there is a risk of overcrowding, poor growth and one in five trees dying. The store will be much bigger than originally proposed: 34,000 sq ft instead of the 25,000 sq ft originally approved. Despite a slight reduction in parking spaces from 225 to 219, the increased size of the supermarket has led to a cramped layout with little space for landscaping.

There is no place during a health emergency for the fake science pushed through my door last night #coronavirus

I was just preparing my early morning cuppa when I spotted a roll of papers pushed into my letter box. I pulled the documents out and then washed my hands. (Coronavirus can survive for up to 24 hours on porous surfaces.) One glance at the covering letter and I knew this was a diatribe promoting fake science. “Once you’ve absorbed this material on the #coronahoax we shall expect wiser words from you Bodders!” Included were a series of papers declaring that the Covid-19 outbreak is a hoax. Try telling that to people who are sick or have lost loved ones. The last thing we need is fake science during the biggest health emergency of our lives. The world’s scientists need to be our guide. Not fake science peddlers. Or even politicians. We must rely on the world’s best scientists.

Resolution agreed on GPs wearing PPE at Ludlow Community Hospital

Three days ago, a row blew up about wearing Personal Protective Equipment on the wards of Ludlow Community Hospital. That row gained national and local press coverage, along with coverage on the BBC. That coverage accurately reflected the concern within our community that we thought GPs should wear PPE and that we should not be having arguments in a time of crisis. Now the whole matter has been amicably resolved and will, I hope, be quickly forgotten. Last night, Dr Catherine Beanland and Dr Chris Targett from Portcullis Surgery and ShropCom issued a statement stating that it had been agreed that GPs “working on community hospital wards should adopt additional infection control procedures given their greater exposure to patients in the community.” This is welcome and to me seems common sense.

Ludlow community outraged as local GP suspended from working at Ludlow Community Hospital

This dispute has been amicably resolved.  I thought yesterday that I would not write on this. It is not that it is a minor issue but at that point I felt it was a dispute within the NHS and not for my blog. However, there has been a very strong community reaction across all social media platforms to Saturday’s announcement that Dr Catherine Beanland has been suspended from working at Ludlow Community Hospital. I don’t intend to get involved in a dispute which appears to be about interpretations of protocols, not the safety of patients and medical professionals. I just want to convey the very loud message that I am hearing from across our community. There are more important things to deal with right now. We need all the medical professionals we can get. We need them all to work together. We need them and their patients to remain safe.

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