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Refusal of Castle View Terrace housing application will go to appeal

I was talking to Shropshire Homes this morning. My call was entirely unrelated to Castle View Terrace. But it was inevitable that our conversation would turn to the most controversial application in Ludlow for years. I learnt that Shropshire Homes is going to appeal Shropshire Council’s refusal of the scheme for six homes that would destroy the last remaining pasture in East Hamlet.

Castle View Terrace housing thrown out by planning officers but no deal on community purchase yet

In a significant victory for those who battle to keep the character of Ludlow intact, council officers have rejected a proposal for six homes (initially seven) on the much loved and well used meadow on Castle View Terrace. One of the main reasons for rejecting the scheme is that we have approved more than enough houses in Ludlow. This decision is also important because the loss of open space is central to the planners’ reason for rejection. Ludlow’s community has made a reasonable offer for the land of £130,000. That should cover the developer’s land purchase and design costs. But Shropshire Homes wants £250,000 to recompense for lost profits as well as well as costs. Those profits are imaginary. The scheme has been thrown out, Shropshire Homes should now cut its losses and do a deal with Ludlow.

Covid Watch: Will you have a coronavirus vaccination when it becomes available? New Ludlow survey

There is good news on the vaccination front. Three contenders could be approved for use in the UK before Christmas. They have been developed in a record time. That shows what can be achieved when the world’s best scientists get the money they need. Not everyone is comfortable with the speed of development. Not everyone understands the scientific processes that is being undertaken. But we must all make personal decisions on how to protect our heath and how to protect the health of others . Whether or not to have a flu jab. Whether to give a child MMR. Whether to receive a novel vaccine for a novel virus. Our anonymous survey is intended to examine the willingness of people in our area to take up a Covid-19 jab if offered. We hope you can spend a couple of minutes taking part. There are only four questions.

Ludlow Tesco complains people are using its car park without shopping and wants stricter parking controls and in-store spend

There is a lack of car parking for the town’s supermarkets of Station Drive. That’s almost impossible to solve. Some people park in Tesco to shop there. Others shop in Aldi or the town centre without visiting Tesco. The car park is free, as is the Aldi car park. Charges apply in the council owned Galdeford car park. Its lowest deck, nearest to Tesco, is often full of vehicles owned by town centre workers and train travellers by first thing in the morning. Tesco is concerned that its car park is being used by people who spend no money at all in its store. And that those people are reducing turnover in the car park and turnover in the store. It has applied to introduce a new scheme with 30 minutes free and up to two hours free if £5 is spent in the store.

Ludlow Covid Cast 1: Andy and Tracey talk about the spread of coronavirus in Shropshire and Ludlow

Watch the video: Ludlow Covid Cast 1: Coronavirus in Shropshire (6m 40s). We can’t duck the issue that Covid-19 is here in Ludlow, is everywhere in Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin. We have around 20 cases a week at present in Ludlow, most asymptomatic. Asymptomatic or not, this disease is a nasty spreader. In the next few weeks, months if necessary, Tracey Huffer and I are going to talk about Covid-19. About how it is affecting our community. How we are responding as a community. How health professionals are responding. And we’ll be doing that with the help of professionals and our community. We have a long list of topics to cover along with topic events like the lifting of the second lockdown. We begin today with a video on how we got to where we are today in Shropshire. We will of course be talking about the refined tier system announced by Boris Johnson this afternoon later this week when we know what tier Shropshire is in.

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