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Covid Watch: Large majority of respondents to our survey want a Covid-19 jab as soon as it is offered

They are two of the most important questions of our time. How well informed are people about Covid-19 vaccine? Would they accept a vaccination when it is offered? Two weeks ago, we launched an online survey to test local opinion. More than 650 people responded. The results are strongly in favour of vaccination. More than four in five respondents said they would accept a vaccination as soon as it is offered. A smaller number said they would wait until more information is available. Only one in twenty people would reject a Covid-19 vaccination at any point. The survey also shows that there is still a lot of work to do in explaining Covid vaccines, especially to those under 45 years old.

Covid Watch: Coronavirus testing in Shropshire – no decision on Ludlow testing centre yet

We have been clarifying current Covid-19 testing arrangements for those of us that live in the south west of the county. In short, you need to go to Shrewsbury to get a test or request a postal test. Shropshire Council has been scanning the south of the county for a new testing site. No suitable site has been found in the south east area in and around Bridgnorth. Attention has turned to the Ludlow area and sites are being assessed. A testing centre in the south west, especially here in Ludlow with its good transport links, would be welcome but no decision has yet been made. There are several steps to be completed including on-site surveys, agreement by National Health England and arrangements for construction by Serco and operation by Deloitte. This will not be a walk-in centre. Booking will be through 119 and online.

It’s time to join up the dots on transport in Ludlow and make it work now and for the future

When I walk through the centre of Ludlow, I get tackled on all manner of issues but mostly transport. Road closures. Parking. Buses. These problems are not just confined to the town centre. We live in a town that was not designed for current levels of car ownership. We need to take concerted action to ease the problems. That’s not the only problem we must tackle. Ludlow is a green thinking town. The town council has declared a climate emergency as has Shropshire Council and much of the country. The UN General Secretary yesterday called on all the countries of the world to declare a climate emergency. A sustainable transport for Ludlow is overdue and 2021 is the year in which we must complete it.

Arrangements for the funeral of Simon Lissauer – 21 December 2020

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the death of Simon, a man who lived in a garage on Quarry Gardens for many years. Simon had many friends. In Ludlow. Around the country and around the world. Arrangements for his funeral have now been made. It will take place at 11am on Monday 21 December at St Laurence’s Church in Ludlow. The costs will be borne by Shropshire Council, with support from Victoria Allen Funeral Services and St Laurence’s Parish Parochial Council. The cremation will be a non-attended event taking place the next day. The ashes will be returned to the family. If you wish to attend the funeral service, details are below.

Ludlow Flood Forum relaunched to tackle continued flooding risk from Corve and Teme

In a long year that has been dominated by coronavirus and lockdowns, February 2020 seems remote to many people. But it is not a distant for the occupants of the 50 or so homes that were inundated in yet another flood event for our town on 16 February. Discussions with the Environment Agency and Shropshire Council earlier in the year brought no promise of action. Even on cheap and straightforward schemes such as raising the height of the wall on Temeside. It has long been the case that councils and the Environment Agency have their eyes focused on a few major schemes, not the myriad of small schemes that will help towns like Ludlow. In recent months, Ludlow residents have reinvigorated the Ludlow Flood Forum. It is seeking views and members.

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