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Shropshire Council’s highways leadership wrecked by potholes amid resignation call

The rain is dancng on the roads and pavements and tap dancing on my windows as Storm Ciara hits with full force. If Shropshire Council is to be believed, potholes will be popping up on roads across the county like zits on a teenager’s face. Too much rain is the latest excuse by the council for the pothole menace invading the county. Even Tory councillors are complaining. It has not been a good week for the Shropshire Council cabinet member for highways and transport, Steve Davenport who is having a bumpy ride. Public outrage over the menace of potholes has bounced to a new bumpy height. Shropshire Council is now to pay a consultant £1,000 a day to solve problems that are of its own making. The management of the highways contract has been a mess for years. Now Shropshire Council Lib Dems are calling for Councillor Davenport to resign.

Consultations on changes to car park residents permits and season tickets, also holiday let permits

Last September, Shropshire Council consulted on changes to the parking regime introduced in Ludlow in November 2018 and at various dates around the county. Now, it wants to introduce changes to permits for season tickets and residents permits. The changes are technical. They will increase flexibility and better suit local needs. The council is also consulting on providing on-street permits for holiday lets within Ludlow’s Blue and Red Zones.

The 292 bus service between Ludlow and Kidderminster will be suspended from 9:30am to 3:30pm tomorrow. This is because the operator, Diamond Bus cannot cope with a 2.2 mile diversion along a very decent ‘B’ road. It is also because the councils that fund the route are prepared to pay a heft subsidy for its operation without exercising any control over how it is operated. Pathetic. Neither Shropshire Council nor Worcestershire Council have issued any information saying buses will not run. Neither has Diamond. Pathetic.

Parking review now delayed until April!!

Confusion has reigned throughout the week over whether Shropshire Council would go ahead with its parking review at the Performance Management Scrutiny Committee yesterday afternoon. I had complained that the paperwork had not been published and there would be no time to study it and hold local discussions. Discussions led to me believing that the review would be delayed until the March meeting. But then I was told the review would go ahead as planned on Wednesday. There was still no paperwork. Just before 5pm on Tuesday, more than 130 pages of paperwork were quietly published. Before I had time to download them, Shropshire Council’s committee server went offline. There was no access to any committee papers until 11am the next morning. With the committee meeting beginning at 2pm, I could only skim read the papers while on the train to Shrewsbury. I needn’t have bothered.

It seems barely a few moments ago since I published a statement from Shropshire Council that the long promised review of the impact of regime of parking charges introduced in November 2018 is to be delayed until March. That was based on an email from the Chief Monitoring Officer at 2:31pm. Alas, in the short time I was taking the dog and cat for a walk, all has changed. The Chief Monitoring Officer emailed at 3:35pm to say the review will take place as planned on Wednesday morning. There is no paperwork for this meeting. It will not be possible for unitary and town councillors to discuss what the council is planning beforehand, let alone the traders who are being penalised by the high street parking charges. Is Shropshire Council just trying to keep us guessing? Possibly. But I think it has just descended into chaos. It can no longer…

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