A49 to close overnight at Onibury this Thursday and possibly Friday

News in this afternoon from Keir, the contractors that maintain the A49 for Highways England. The A49 will be closed at Onibury on Thursday night, 22 February, from 9pm until 6am. This is for emergency repairs to the road bridge over the Onny. Keir hope to complete the work in one night. If not, the A49 will also be closed from 9pm until 6am on Friday night.

The official diversion from the south is from Woofferton to Bridgnorth and then up to Bayston Hill at Shrewsbury.

Ludlow’s new car parking charges will penalise town trade and our market economy

Last month, Shropshire Council announced changes to parking charges across the county, including Ludlow. (See my earlier blog for the details.) Charges in the town centre will increase while charges for parking around the centre will generally fall. Time limits on parking will be abolished on the streets and in the car parks. This move, and the high charges on town centre streets, will damage local trade, as will reduction of free pop and shop parking to just five minutes.

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Should we ban vehicles parking on pavements? I support a national call to end to this hazard

It is time to bring in a nationwide ban on parking on pavements. I am supporting a call by four national organisations to ban pavement parking.

Over Christmas, as throughout the year, pavements around this town and many others have been partially or totally blocked by cars and vans. Yet the roads alongside the pavements have had plenty of room for parking and in most cases, there has not been a parking restriction in sight.

This is selfish parking by motorists who seem to have forgotten that pavements are for pedestrians, children on cycles, people in wheelchairs and on mobility scooters, and parents pushing children in buggies. Pavement users face being forced out into the road because some inconsiderate drivers think that it is better to block the pavement than use a road designed for vehicles to park on.

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Bus routes during Galdeford road works

Due to the closure of Upper Galdeford over the next couple of weeks and some buses will be diverted.

The 722 park and ride service will travel via Gravel Hill, Henley Road, the A49 bypass, Sheet Road, Weeping Cross and Old Street. The bus departing the town centre on the hour will call at Parys Road and Tollgate on the way back into town. The bus on the half-hour will serve the Rocks Green estate and the Steventon loop. The supermarkets will be served on the way out of town, not the way in.

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Should Ludlow become a 20mph town?

It is time to slow down the pace of driving in our town.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a conference in Shrewsbury on 20mph speed limits. I was spurred to attend by our very active campaign by local green group, Ludlow 21. Its members want all residential streets in Ludlow to be 20mph. According to a survey of nearly 500 people, four-fifths of residents want a town-wide 20mph limit on local streets. Even more want a 20mph limit on their streets.

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