Storm Dennis is dissipating – it will take a while to clean up and we need to help those affected

At least thirty Ludlow homes were flooded yesterday. Mostly on Lower Corve Street and Temeside. One resident Corve Street resident said: “The water when we evacuated was up to the level of our kitchen work top.” According to the Environment Agency, the Teme peaked at 5.20 metres. That is only 2cm lower that the highest level recorded in Ludlow on Saturday 21st July 2007. Tenbury High Street is flooded. Reports suggest over 1,000 homes have been flooded across the UK. More rain is falling and will continue to fall most of the week. But river levels in the Teme catchment are dropping. Below I publish additional photos and videos from yesterday (Sunday) along with a statement from Clive Wright, chief executive of Shropshire Council.

Storm Dennis floods Ludlow homes and businesses

Temeside and Lower Corve Street are flooded. Other areas also. The water has rushed in through doors, flooded basements and pushed sewerage out of toilets. It is not yet known how many houses are flooded but it must be around 20. Water is lapping at the doors and back gates of many other properties. This is almost the worst flood since July 2007. Then water reached a height of 5.22m on the Teme. Today, the river seems to have peaked at 5.20m. But no one threatened with river water pouring into their home cares about whether this is a record flood or not.  

Brand Lane closed next Tuesday 18 February – buses will operate from Compasses on Corve Street

Brand Lane is the main exit from Ludlow town centre and the route that must be used by large vehicles. Every now and again utilities need to be fixed. We have another closure on Tuesday for Cadent to work on a gas supply. This has been scheduled for half term week and on a Tuesday when we have no market. Although the official diversion is over the Whitcliffe, cars and small vans will find their own way from the town centre through the Broadgate and along the Linney. These routes are not suitable for HGVs which will exit the town centre along King Street. Marshalls will be stationed to temporarily suspend the one way system when needed. Town buses will operate from the Compasses as they do during festivals. That means a change of routing, with the supermarkets only being served on the journey out of town not on the…

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BT plans to remove well used phone box outside former Budgens store

BT is progressively removing little or unused phone kiosks around the country. The number of calls from phone boxes has fallen. Some have not been used in the last year, even longer. Some have been vandalised. The result is that several Ludlow phone kiosks have been removed in recent years. Now, BT wants to remove the phone box on Upper Galdeford outside the former Budgens store. This is wrong. The box was used for 435 calls in the year up to September 2019. That’s not huge. I am sure it is not profitable for BT. But the phone kiosk is still in active use and should be maintained.

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