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As campaign to protect potholes grows, Shropshire Council pledges to fly the Union Jack from longstanding potholes

Potholes are part of our everyday life. As everyday as the shopping basket though rather more destructive of the wheels of cars, let alone the danger they pose to cyclists. But some potholes are exceptional and have gained celebrity status. Concerned about the continued destruction of potholes, Shropshire Councillor Andy Boddington, a former archaeologist, is calling for the county’s most distinctive potholes to be protected with a Grade II listing from Historic England. He has also applauded the new tradition of pothole dressing. Dismissing the councillor’s views, the leader of Shropshire Council has decreed that all long standing potholes in the public highway should fly Union Flags to prevent further damage to the county’s pothole heritage by distracted drivers.

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