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Shropshire Council’s South Planning Committee this afternoon almost unanimously rejected an application for up to 215 homes off Bromfield Road, Ludlow. One member voted in favour. I did not have a vote under Shropshire Council’s rules as the proposal is in my division. The committee visited the site in the morning. On the previous visit, members were not allowed to cross the railway line, but this time we had a convoy of vehicles and three Network Rail staff to escort us across the line. Footpaths cross the line throughout the area. Hundreds of people cross this line every day. But as this was not a footpath we needed to play by different rules. So thanks to Network Rail for making our visit happen.

Next Tuesday is decision day for the plans to build 215 homes in Ludlow. If approved the houses will be built between Bromfield Road and the bypass. But Shropshire Council’s planning committee is not planning to visit the site of the most controversial aspect of the proposals. While there remain concerns about run off from the site contributing to flooding downstream in Ludlow, the main concern among nearby residents is a footbridge which will link the site with the peaceful cul-de-sac of Fishmore View.

I was recently asked the question: “Once we reach the total in SAMDev, can we stop giving planning permission for more houses?” The answer is: “Probably No”. There is every likelihood that we could end up with more housing than the SAMDev total before the current local plan expires in 2026. The Site Allocations and Management Development document (SAMDev) sets housing totals for many of the settlements in Shropshire, including Ludlow. The current version will be agreed by Shropshire Council on Thursday and will then proceed to the planning inspectorate for examination. But even when SAMDev is adopted later this year or early next, it doesn’t put an absolute cap on housing development in Ludlow.

25 June 2014 I am sorry that members were unable to see this site properly this morning. If you had, you would have seen that it comprises a large flat plateau, ideal you might think for housing. You would have seen that it falls away steeply to the River Corve. You would have seen why we are so concerned about flooding. If we had visited Fishmore View, you would have seen why residents are objecting so strongly to the footbridge over the River Corve. I feel rather sorry for the people who will live here. Those living to the east will suffer noise blight and air pollution from the A49. You saw a freight train pass this morning. They go past day and night. Noise erodes health but it is not immediately dangerous. The River Corve is often dangerous. It frequently floods the green space that is proposed between the housing and the river.

Days before a decision is due to be made on the controversial development of 215 houses off the Bromfield Road, the developers have offered to scrap a contentious footbridge. This huge footbridge will be more than 250 metres long (275 yards) and soar 7 metres (23 feet) above the bed of the River Corve. It will link a planned development of up to 215 homes beside the A49 bypass with the play area at Fishmore View. Almost all the residents I contacted last week are against this bridge. In a letter to the Southern [sic] Planning Committee, Andy Williams, Director of Advanced Land Use and Planning says:

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