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The parish council, which has up to nine members is moribund. No one stood for election in May 2017. Accounts had not been prepared for three years in breach of statutory obligations. We will be holding a public meeting on Wednesday 14 March to discuss the future of the parish council. In the meanwhile, we have set a precept for the next financial year and are paying the council’s outstanding bills. If you live in Bromfield parish, please come to the meeting if you can. It will be at 6.30pm in the Boardroom at the Clive.

BT wants to close 214 payphones around Shropshire. Thirteen of these are in the Ludlow and Clee area. One is the second most used phone on the countywide closure list and is used on average once a day. But, in an age of mobile phones, do we still need phone boxes? I think we do as several of these phone boxes are in mobile phone not spots. Shropshire Council is consulting on the removal of these and other payphones around the county. It is asking for views by Monday 28 November 2016. Please send your comments to community.enablement@shropshire.gov.uk. Here is the list of payphones in the Ludlow and Clee area that are proposed for closure.

Changes of ownership to Bromfield solar farm

An application has been made to split the solar farm into two ownerships. The smaller part of the array, which has already been constructed, will remain in the ownership of Bromfield Sand and Gravel.This is currently powering the gravel works. The rest of the array will be owned by Ludlow Solar Ltd. I am told by the promoters this is a “technical matter” and the scheme is still on track to complete the entire solar farm later this year.

Plymouth Estates has submitted a planning application for a 4,100 tonne dry grain store (16/01438/FUL). A grain intake and grain drier will be incorporated within the building. Six grain silos are planned on the south side. This is a big complex. It stands off the A4113 at the west edge of Bromfield village. I haven’t yet taken a view on this application as a whole. I think we need to facilitate local farming businesses when we can. But I will wait to hear local views before making a formal comment. I am not convinced by the colour scheme proposed for the building.

If at first you don’t succeed try and fail again – Elm Lodge housing rejected for a second time

Plans for around twenty secure over-55s bungalows at Elm Lodge off Fishmore Road have been rejected for a second time. The decision is correct in planning terms but once again points out that local planning in this town is potentially on the brink of descending into anarchy. Shropshire’s chief planner Ian Kilby refused the plans because the site lies outside the defined development boundary for Ludlow in both the existing local plan and its replacement, SAMDev, which will be adopted shortly. This means the site lies in open countryside where housing development is not permitted except under a very limited set of circumstances, for example affordable housing. Mr Kilby also said the council had a five-year land supply for housing. This is an important consideration in deciding applications. If there is not a five-year land supply, national planning rules allow development to be built where local plans forbid it.

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