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Shropshire Homes new plans for Castle View Terrace are better with extra public open space – but are still unacceptable

Yesterday, Shropshire Council published new plans for the proposed housing development on the meadow on Castle View Terrace. The original plans included a bungalow behind two terraces, each of three houses. The bungalow always looked incongruous and it has now been dropped from the scheme. This has allowed Shropshire Homes to allocate accessible public open space behind the terraces. The new plans are a considerable improvement on the initial scheme. But they will still lead to the unwarranted destruction of a beautiful and much valued area of pasture. The revisions do not make this scheme acceptable.

Castle View Terrace housing plan meets objections over open space and tree loss from council’s tree officers

Shropshire Council’s tree team has been reviewing the plans for six terraced homes and a bungalow on the meadow on Castle View Terrace. Using the language of planning, the team says it is “unable to agree that the development as proposed represents sustainable development.” That is a call to planners to insist on changes to the scheme or reject it. The tree team is a consultee. It will be down to planners or the Southern Planning Committee to decide whether the scheme goes ahead or not. The local community have offered to buy the land from Shropshire Homes. That would be the best way forward for the site rather pursuing a development that no one in Ludlow wants.

Castle View Terrace development never had much credibility – it now has no shred of credibility left

Shropshire Homes, already facing massive opposition from residents, has been clarifying its application to build seven homes on Castle View Terrace. At the back of the housing scheme the developer proposes a linear area of public open space. Shropshire Homes this week has explained that it plans to cut three metres off the top of the quarry face, leaving a slope of 45 degrees above an even steeper drop into the quarry. People will need to negotiate a difficult slope to access the so-called public open space. The proposed profiling of the site will wreck biodiversity on the site. This scheme never had much credibility. It now has no shred of credibility left.

This article refers to an offensive event and only gives a flavour of how offensive it was. It was a difficult meeting of Ludlow Town Council’s Representational Committee tonight. The agenda was straightforward for a planning meeting. But as the committee was working through the agenda on Zoom an interloper joined as a member of the public and in a sequence of events I could not follow in detail from my screen, talked in a synthetic computer voice repeating the N-word and F-word repeatedly. It was clear that the interloper was live to the meeting as councillors were cited. Despite the interruptions, the meeting completed its business in an orderly way and councillors unanimously voted against the development of seven homes in Castle View Terrace.

Nearly 80 objections have been lodged to the unwanted housing development on Castle View Terrace – here is what people are saying

Update 11 September: 152 objections have now been lodged. There are nearly always objections to housing development. Sometimes they are not well founded. People don’t like change or do not want any more housing in their locality. The planning application for seven homes on Castle View Terrace is different. At the time of writing, Sunday 6 September, Shropshire Council had received 77 carefully reasoned objections. I can’t recall so many objections for a small housing scheme. There are no expressions of support for the scheme. That is not a surprise. As the objectors make clear, the development is out of character with the area. It destroys a valuable green space in an area of town that lacks green spaces. And we don’t need the housing. We have hundreds of homes approved but unbuilt. Shropshire Homes, the Castle View Terrace developer, has 157 homes approved on Fishmore Quarry and Sheet Road. It should get on with building those and abandon this scheme which will destroy a much valued meadow. There is still time to comment on this scheme (20/02971/FUL).

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