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Heather Kidd selected to fight Ludlow seat for Lib Dems

Former Leader of South Shropshire District Council and Shropshire Councillor Heather Kidd has been chosen to take on Philip Dunne in the general election. Heather is well known for her campaigns for the health service, schools and better broadband and mobile phone signal in our very rural constituency. She also pioneered affordable housing policies which delivered affordable housing to rent and buy in South Shropshire.

Shropshire Council Elections 2017: UKIP vote collapses as Conservatives gain 7%

In last Thursday’s elections, the UKIP vote nosedived from 11% to 1%, largely benefiting the Conservatives whose vote share rose by 7%. The Greens gained 6%, partly through fielding more candidates. The Conservatives now have 49 seats (up 3). The Liberal Democrats 12 (down 1). Labour 8 (down 1). Independent 4 (down 1). Green 1 (lost one, won one).

Elections took place in two wards, Hayton and Whitcliffe. Candidates in five wards were elected unopposed. Three councillors will be co-opted into vacancies. Hayton Ward. Erica Garner topped the poll with 170 votes. Mark Clark gained 158 votes and Kevin Newbold 123. Garner and Clark are elected. Whitcliffe Ward. Tim Gill topped the poll with 334 votes. Nicola Paton gained 148 votes and Jim Smithers 110. Gill and Paton are elected. There are three new faces on the council, Erica Garner, Nicola Paton and Robin Pote.

Thank you everyone. Our Ludlow team has been re-elected with increased majorities. This post gives the detailed results for Ludlow and Clee and a summary of the results for Shropshire unitary council. Ludlow East. Tracey Huffer re-elected for the Liberal Democrats with 64% of the vote – up from 50% in 2013. Turnout: 35%. Ludlow North. Andy Boddington re-elected for the Liberal Democrats with 69% of the vote – up from 45% in 2014. Turnout: 43%. Ludlow South. Vivienne Parry re-elected for the Liberal Democrats with 66% of the vote – up from 47% in 2013. Turnout: 44% Clee. Richard Huffer re-elected for the Liberal Democrats with 61% of the votes – up from 49% in 2013. Turnout: 49%.

Polls are open for Shropshire Council and parish council elections

Polling stations opened at 7am this morning for unitary and local council elections across Shropshire. Here is Ludlow, all four unitary seats are being contested, along with two town council seats. The polls close at 10pm tonight. The votes will be counted tomorrow. Please vote for your Lib Dem candidate. We work hard for the interests of the areas we represent and for the future of our county.

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