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Ludlow Rocks Green supermarket bid – jargon buster

A brief guide to the jargon in retail planning. Convenience goods. Items you need daily or weekly. Food beverages, tobacco, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, newspapers and periodicals, non-durable household goods. Comparison goods. Things you might shop around for. The list includes clothing, DIY, household appliances, tools, pharmaceutical products, games, music and so on. GIA. Gross internal area – the area within the store’s walls. Also called gross retail floorspace.

It was a private meeting so I can’t name the Tory councillor that asked: “Surely there are no poor people in Ludlow?” I suspect that she had never been beyond Mill Street [1]. Those of us that know this town intimately recognise that affluent people live cheek by jowl with people who struggle to make ends meet. That’s part of the character of the town. It’s a place where we have the wealth to keep our historic buildings in good order but also need to run a food bank. The seventh most deprived area in Shropshire is here in Ludlow, but other areas are rated as among the least deprived anywhere in England.

Recently a local councillor told a meeting that more than half of the residents in Ludlow are aged 65 or over. A short while later, a resident said that two-thirds of people here are over 65. Neither of these statements is anywhere near the truth. The true statistic from the 2011 census is that 27% of residents were 65 or over. That’s not much above a quarter of residents. Now a question. Which area in Shropshire has the oldest population? It proves to be my division of Ludlow North by a long way. In the graph below, the higher the bar, the higher the proportion of people 65 years of age or older. That’s us on the right, the most elderly electoral division in Shropshire. (Click the graph to get a bigger image, which is from LGA Inform). More than a third of people in the Ludlow North area are…

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