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Six additional homes to be squeezed into the high density Fishmore Quarry development which lacks open space

Shropshire Homes has applied to squeeze more homes onto the former quarry site on Fishmore Road. It currently has approval for 73 homes and the plans are to add an extra five. This will give this a brownfield site a density of 43 dwellings a hectare. The Foldgate Lane greenfield development is by contrast a mere seven dwellings a hectare. Fishmore Quarry will provide just 4.5 sqm of accessible open space for each household. Foldgate Lane will have 850 sqm of accessible open space per household. It is a tale of two housing estates and a tale of our times. Urban brownfield developments are getting ever more crowded, often less attractive, while attractive spacious greenfield developments sprawl outwards across open countryside.

Seventy-one new homes approved at Fishmore Road Quarry in Ludlow

Shropshire Council planners have approved 71 new homes on the former quarry on Fishmore Road. This is a welcome scheme that will bring this long derelict eyesore into active use. The development by Shropshire Homes will be a mixture of semidetached and short terraces of houses, along with four blocks of apartments. It is probably the largest development approved in southwest Shropshire without first being considered by a planning committee. Property sizes will range from one bed apartments to three bed houses. The development lacks a play area and affordable housing, though three homes will be sold at a discount to market price.

Revised plans submitted for 67 homes at Fishmore Quarry – they are more a tweak than a rethink and need improving

Shropshire Homes has submitted a new set of plans for 67 homes on the old Quarry site on Fishmore Road (19/02060/REM). The only significant change is that a block of apartments has been moved from Fishmore Road to the back of the site. They are swopped with two pairs of semi-detached houses. Three additional car parking spaces will be created, upping the total to 131. Of these, eighteen will have direct access onto Fishmore Road disrupting the current parking bay. This site is heavily constrained by its topography above and below ground. This makes it more difficult than most to develop. But I don’t think the design is yet right. The direct access from car parking onto Fishmore Road undesirable on a busy road and will take out the spaces on the on street parking bay. There is little publicly accessible open space and no play area.

Final planning application submitted for 67 houses on Fishmore Road quarry

Shropshire Homes has submitted a detailed planning application for 67 dwellings, including four blocks of three-storey apartments on the former quarry site on Fishmore Road (19/02060/REM). This follows outline approval for 74 dwellings on the site granted in February 2019. The site layout is heavily constrained by the former quarry, its mudstone cliffs and a buried quarry face – which the developer calls the “High Wall”. Because the ground above the High Wall could subject to movement, it will be a car parking area. This site needs developing and it is good to have plans come forward, especially as many of the homes are small.

Plans for 18 houses on Fishmore Road, Ludlow rejected by Shropshire Council on grounds of poor design

Council planning officers have rejected plans for 18 semidetached homes on the site of the former Whittle bus depot on Fishmore Road. They describe the proposed housing as bland and cramped. Some of the houses would be overshadowed by the quarry face and the site would have a lack of amenity space. This is a comprehensive dismissal of the scheme by planning officers and I doubt any appeal to the planning inspectorate would succeed. This is an eyesore brownfield site that needs to be developed but this was not the right scheme. Clutton Homes failed to respond to requests from planning officers to improve the scheme. Outline planning permission for an indicative twenty homes on the site remains in place (14/02846/OUT).

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