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Update 26 February 2016 The planning inspectorate has appointed Philip Major as inspector for the appeal. Update 21 February 2016 On the day, our submission to the planning appeal was accepted (see below), Kronos Solar lodged a hasty code of conduct complaint against me for publishing a letter from its director Alexander Arcache. The letter had asked if I would help him get the application through South Planning Committee. It goes without saying that I am not going to advise or help any developer on an application where I have a vote. The complaint was rejected but I accept that I should have sent the letter to Shropshire Council for publication on the planning portal. Main article 1 February 2016 There will be a lot of Ludlow people in Craven Arms on 5 April. We’ll be at the Gateway for the appeal hearing into Shropshire Council’s refusal of an application for a 5MW solar farm at Henley Hall on Squirrel Lane. The four of us unitary councillors for Ludlow and Clee will be there, along with residents from the area. We’ll be facing Kronos Solar, the applicant, which is determined to get this scheme approved. Kronos, based in Munich, has…

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Henley Hall solar farm on Ludlow outskirts thrown out by planning committee – we got this right

Update: 14 August 2015 The formal reason for refusal of the scheme has now been published: The proposal constitutes large scale industrial development and is inappropriate in terms of location, fails to protect and enhance the natural and historic environment and the character and high quality of the local countryside and setting of Ludlow, and would have an adverse impact on leisure and tourism. The renewable energy benefits of the proposal are significantly and demonstrably outweighed by the adverse impacts and as such would be contrary to Core Strategy Policies CS5, CS6, CS13, CS16 and CS17 and paragraphs 14, 17, 28 and 109, of the National Planning Policy Framework. Main Article: 11 August 2015 The application from Kronos Solar to build a solar farm off Squirrel at Little Ledwyche was today rejected by Shropshire Council’s South Planning Committee by a majority vote after a short debate.

Henley Hall solar farm goes to committee on 11 August after new heritage statement gets nod from Historic England

There seemed little prospect of this 5MW solar farm progressing through the planning system a few weeks ago (15/01472/FUL). Historic England had dug its heels in over the impact the solar arrays would have on the setting of Henley Hall and gardens. Since then, a site meeting has been held between a Shropshire Council, an inspector from Historic England and AC archaeology – the heritage consultancy working for Kronos Solar. Following that meeting, the application is set to go to the planning committee for a decision.

Ludlow solar farm plans changed as dispute breaks out over scheme impact on heritage – updated

Update: 25 June 2015 Kronos have submitted a second revised plan. The initial plan was revised after Historic England and Shropshire Council’s heritage team raised concerns about how well the impact of the arrays on Henley Hall had been assessed (see below). That revision moved part of the array from beyond Colonel’s Plantation near Henley Hall up the slope to join the main array area. Now these plans have been dropped and the array area has been reduced in size. As yet the supporting documents have not been updated, so we don’t know how much energy this smaller solar farm will generate. Ludlow Town Council have written a strongly worded objection against the proposal.

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