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Shropshire Council is consulting on the future of its library services – I fear for mobile library services

Shropshire Council’s Library services were reviewed two years ago. The conclusion of that review was that three tiers of library would be established: Tier 1 Library Hubs in Shrewsbury and larger market towns, including Ludlow; Tier 2 Community Libraries in the smaller market towns such as Church Stretton; and Tier 3 Community Libraries in smaller market towns such as Craven Arms. Rural areas would be served by mobile libraries with 281 stops in all. The new library strategy was to last for five years. But just two years into its implementation, Shropshire Council has announced another review. The council does not give a straightforward reason for the review. Rather, it says “we identified the need for a refreshed strategy that offers a robust vision with clear priorities for the library service of the future.” Given how stretched staff are within the council, and how stretched its finances are, it is…

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Ludlow Library opening hours cuts are wrong – it should remain open on Saturday afternoons

Shropshire Council has published the results of its Library opening hours review. The library will close on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons, but get an extra hour on Monday evenings. I am very disappointed that the cuts to opening hours at Ludlow Library have been largely confirmed. I am quite angry that the library will be closed on Saturday afternoons. This is a busy time for the library. There a lot of people who use its facilities then who have been out at work all week.

Ludlow Library and council customer service opening hours to be cut – we are entering dangerous territory (updated)

Updated 25 May 2016 The consultation is now live online. https://new.shropshire.gov.uk/get-involved/library-opening-times-review/ The consultation documents show that a reduction in hours at Ludlow Library will save £4,800 a year. A separate consultation is planned for the reduction in hours for Shropshire Council’s customer services at the library. Main article 24 May 2016 Shropshire Council has announced that it plans to cut the opening hours for Ludlow Library. It will shortly launch a consultation on the plans. This was due to start yesterday but has been delayed. I’ll provide a link to the consultation as soon as I have it. If the cuts go through, it is expected that Ludlow Library would open from 9.30am to 5pm, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, and Friday. The library would be closed on Thursday, as at present. It would no longer open on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons. This is a reduction of seven hours a week….

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