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Ludlow Town Council backs a trial closure of King Street and High Street on Fridays and Saturdays

Last night, Ludlow Town Council met to consider plans for a social distanced town. As part of this, it discussed proposals to close King Street and High Street to vehicles on Friday and Saturdays. This is move controversial to say the least. Many, if not most, retailers and market traders oppose the closures fearing a loss of trade. People are also concerned that those with limited mobility will be excluded from the town centre on the biggest shopping days. The changes will be temporary and can be introduced within seven days of Shropshire Council deciding to do so. I support closure on weekends. Tracey Huffer opposes closures. Viv Parry, Richard Huffer, Tracey and I are calling for a formal Equalities Impact Assessment before any changes are made.

Ludlow Town Council sets out new plans for Ludlow Market hours before vital council decision meeting #coronavirus

At 2pm this afternoon, Ludlow Town Council issued new plans for a social distanced market in Ludlow. This follows feedback from its initial plans and discussion among councillors. Unfortunately, these were not circulated to unitary councillors or published on the town council’s website. This hurried post distils the essence of documents I first saw half an hour ago. There will be two layouts discussed tonight. Both are different from those in the published papers, which I summarised here. The new plans allow for up to 22 or 25 businesses to trade from the market from stalls, gazebos or vans. “All stalls, pitches and van spaces will be allocated by ballot.”

Virtual meetings to attend this week – Shropshire Council cabinet and Ludlow Representational Committee #coronavirus (updated)

Shropshire Council’s cabinet meets on Wednesday at 11am. Public questions must be submitted to the committee secretary no later than 11am this morning 27 April. Councillor will also be asking questions. Other items on the agenda are safeguarding arrangements and a pension deficit in West Mercia Energy. The questions look like being the most interesting part of the meeting. Ludlow Town Council’s Representational Committee meets on Wednesday at 7pm. It will begin with representations from the public, followed by the unitary members question and answer session. Planning matters and an update on road closures will follow.

Ludlow Town Council today reversed its decision to hold an open air market even though this is permitted under government regulations. The socially distanced market was a good reaction to the growing crisis. It gives an alternative to supermarket aisles where social distancing isn’t possible. As the crisis grows, our town bus services are being cut back by around 90% tomorrow and some communities will no longer be served. We could have put in place a better service if Shropshire Council had not dithered about emergency subsidies to bus companies. The 435 service between Ludlow and Shrewsbury, travelling through Craven Arms, Wistanstow, Dorrington and Condover is still running on a Saturday timetable but that will be reviewed daily. Stay indoors is the rule. But we are not in total lockdown and many people still need to get out to shop and go to the GP and pharmacy within the permitted rules.

Ludlow Town Councillors will hold an urgent meeting on the growing threat of Covid-19 on Monday night. It will be held in the Methodist Church not the Guildhall, which is too cramped for meetings in our era of social distancing. It begins at 7pm. Members of the public can speak in the 15 minute (max) slot at the beginning of the meeting. Conventionally, public speakers are restricted to three minutes. Speaking is at the discretion of the mayor or his deputy. The main items on the agenda are to allow flexible working for staff, including home working, and keeping our wonderful market thriving.  

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