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Covid Watch: Vaccination centre to open at Ludlow Racecourse next month

Most of you will have heard a vaccination centre is to open at Ludlow Racecourse. This will be in early February and we hope to announce the date next weekend. The centre will serve a wide area. We understand that transport will be provided from Ludlow but we don’t have details yet. This will be run by Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group. Local GPs will not be involved.  Many of those registered with GPs in Ludlow will be able to be vaccinated at the surgeries. Those housebound will received home visits.

Covid Watch: Send us your questions on coronavirus vaccination and will get them answered by medical experts

Questions are being asked about vaccination on social, print and broadcast media. When will people get vaccinated? How safe is it? Which is the better vaccine? Do we have a choice on which vaccination? Must we have two doses? Three Shropshire medical experts have agreed to answer your questions. Rachel Robinson, Director of Public Health for Shropshire, Dr Caron Morton from Station Drive Surgery and Dr Catherine Beanland from Portcullis. Please send Tracey Huffer and I your questions and we’ll ask the expert medical panel for a response. You can post your questions as comments below or send them to us as explained in this article. We will publish answers during the week and no one asking questions will be named.

Ludlow to lose Paul our favourite courier in New Year when DPD shuffles rounds – please protest to the company

Seven years ago, who would have thought that we would see so many couriers everywhere delivering in vans and cars? But online shopping has grown. Especially this year when so many of us have been in one lockdown after another. Many of us have got to know Paul Pugh, the cheery delivery man in the red DPD van. Despite his intimate knowledge of our town and friendly service, DPD plans to move him to a round in Birmingham early next year. He is not happy and neither are we. Please protest by emailing dwain@dpdgroup.co.uk.

Harp Lane Deli applies for awning – its plans for tables and a gazebo need more discussion

One of Ludlow’s favourite delis has applied for Listed Building Consent for an awning to cover the seated area (20/05073/LBC).  Harp Lane Deli at 4 Church Street has also applied for five tables with chairs and a gazebo. The proposal is in part a response to Covid-19 restrictions. The restriction to two customers in the store at a time has damaged profitability. This is an application that is right in principle but needs further discussion on the details.

Covid Watch: Large majority of respondents to our survey want a Covid-19 jab as soon as it is offered

They are two of the most important questions of our time. How well informed are people about Covid-19 vaccine? Would they accept a vaccination when it is offered? Two weeks ago, we launched an online survey to test local opinion. More than 650 people responded. The results are strongly in favour of vaccination. More than four in five respondents said they would accept a vaccination as soon as it is offered. A smaller number said they would wait until more information is available. Only one in twenty people would reject a Covid-19 vaccination at any point. The survey also shows that there is still a lot of work to do in explaining Covid vaccines, especially to those under 45 years old.

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