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Free parking in Ludlow and Shropshire car parks from today #coronavirus

All Shropshire Council car parks are free from today. That includes all car parks in Ludlow. On-street car parking charges remain in place. We have plenty of space in our car parks now, so please observe social distancing rules. The butchers, bakers, fruit & veg merchant, convenience stores, health food stores and supermarkets are open, along with the pharmacies. All stores are implementing social distancing. Town centre stores are restricting the number of people who are within the building at any one time. The Co-op on Foldgate Lane is doing the same.

Massively reduced bus service in Ludlow from today is necessary but must be temporary #coronavirus

On Monday, we had two buses serving Ludlow making around 30 trips a day. But the world we live has been changing by the hour. Yesterday, we had just eight bus trips. From today, there will be just six bus trips a day. Most shops in Ludlow are closed. Supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and health food stores are open. The new Ludlow timetable is very limited and will be reviewed before the end of April. The 435 Ludlow Shrewsbury service – via Craven Arms, Wistanstow, Dorrington and Condover – has been suspended. The 552/553 service Bishop’s Castle Shrewsbury service has also been halted for the duration. The 292 Ludlow Kidderminster service via Clee and Cleobury Mortimer was running yesterday, as was the 740 Ludlow Knighton service.

Ludlow is at its best, despite an almost silent socially distant town #coronavirus

It’s been incredibly quiet in town today. For those that need to shop and pick up prescriptions, there has been a significant shift in behaviour. People queue in quiet respect at a social distance. What a change from the crowded aisles and cramming together we saw at the weekend. In a crisis unprecedented in our lifetimes, Ludlow is pulling together. Stitching together stronger community support. Building more respect for each other. Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks? But I am confident that Ludlow will come out of this as an even stronger community.

Town Council announces social distanced Ludlow Market during #coronavirus (updated)

Ludlow Town council has now cancelled the market. Reduced stalls, non-food markets cancelled. But you can still get a cup of tea. That’s the future of Ludlow Market during the coronavirus crisis. This is vital. Not everyone wants to shop at a supermarket. Not everyone feels comfortable with crowded aisles and queues to the checkout. Many people prefer to buy from independent traders rather than the international retail giants. Ludlow Market will be a socially distanced market from Wednesday. Only every second stall used. I observed behaviour in town today. It was very different from that even on Saturday. People stood at a respectful distance.

The Ludlow Declaration on Covid-19: we stand together in a time of great uncertainty #coronavirus

Today, around fifty people came to the Methodist Church on Broad Street to discuss the escalating coronavirus crisis. It was a very unusual meeting. Many people were wearing gloves. Hand gel, possibly the rarest commodity beyond toilet rolls, was available. People sat well apart unless they worked or lived together. It was a great debate with Drs Catherine Beanland and Caron Morton on the panel and professionals and volunteers in the audience. Our Local Democracy Reporter Keri Trigg was noting the meeting. We will see her reports, which are pooled across local media, in the next day or so. The declaration is below, along with a PDF of the main leaflet. Thanks to everyone who has put in so much effort so far. We stand or fall by our declaration. I know after today we stand by it together.

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