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Are you surprised by this headline? I certainly am. In 2017/18, Shropshire Council took nearly £640,000 from Ludlow’s car parks and on-street parking machines. That’s three per cent down on the year before, probably due to bad weather over the winter. The ‘profit’ after operating costs was £373,000. Most of the profit is spent on subsidising buses. And, in what may come as a surprise to many people, those hated yellow screen stickers lose money. A loss of around £10 a ticket across Shropshire.

Should we ban vehicles parking on pavements? I support a national call to end to this hazard

It is time to bring in a nationwide ban on parking on pavements. I am supporting a call by four national organisations to ban pavement parking. Over Christmas, as throughout the year, pavements around this town and many others have been partially or totally blocked by cars and vans. Yet the roads alongside the pavements have had plenty of room for parking and in most cases, there has not been a parking restriction in sight. This is selfish parking by motorists who seem to have forgotten that pavements are for pedestrians, children on cycles, people in wheelchairs and on mobility scooters, and parents pushing children in buggies. Pavement users face being forced out into the road because some inconsiderate drivers think that it is better to block the pavement than use a road designed for vehicles to park on.

Ludlow council to restrict parking in the market area

There is little doubt that parking in the heart of the town centre is a mess. In the evenings and on Tuesdays, people park carelessly, some legally, many illegally. There is perpetual confusion about where the highway begins and ends and who owns which bit of market and castle squares. Various schemes have been put forward to resolve this, but fines are still being slapped on cars. On Monday, the town council is to discuss a new plan for restricting waiting in Castle Square and Market Square (paperwork). The restrictions might apply during the daytime only or 24-hours a day.

Ludlow to get new intelligent parking meters in 2018

Parking is very much the talk of the town right now. Shropshire Council is consulting on major changes to parking charges and arrangements across the county including in Ludlow. In the last few days, our parking meters have been upgraded to accept the new pound coin. That’s good news as we haven’t seen the old coins in town for some while. One of the next steps will be to replace the existing pay and display parking machines with flexible, eco-friendly models. We don’t know yet the full capabilities of the machines that will be installed in Ludlow but I think they could benefit our town.

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