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Update 2 November 2016 Unfortunately this meeting has had to be cancelled. My apologies. The next scheduled meeting is 16 November. I’ll get details out as soon as I have them. Main article 25 October 2016 The Safer Ludlow partnership is a joint initiative between West Mercia Police, Ludlow councillors, and Ludlow and Shropshire Councils. Safer Ludlow will be holding a public drop in session at Ludlow Methodist Church on Broad Street on 2 November. Councillors and police officers will be present from 12 noon. This is the second in a regular series of community sessions to be held across the Ludlow and Clee area over the coming months.

West Mercia police, Ludlow and Clee unitary councillors, along with Ludlow and Shropshire Councils, are launching a new initiative to tackle low-level crime across the Ludlow area. The Safer Ludlow project also aims to help people feel safer in their homes and when they are out and about in the town. The project will also encourage local businesses to improve their security. Councillors will meet weekly with council officials and police officers to discuss any issues with crime and antisocial behaviour around the town. Other agencies, including housing associations and health services, will join the team when their expertise and knowledge is needed.

Beware of rogue traders at night in Ludlow

Our local policing team are investigating reports of men with backpacks knocking on doors at night. Older and more vulnerable residents in particular find these callers very unsettling. There are reports of the men being verbally aggressive. It is thought they are selling overpriced household goods. It is possible they are also looking for opportunities for a bit of light-fingered work. Please ensure that your cars and sheds are locked. Do not open the door at night if you are in anyway uncertain who is outside. Please report any incidents on 101 or email ludlow.snt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk.

If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny. A press release from the Police and Crime Commissioner tells of how the Community Ambassador for Shropshire was astonished at the level of speeding in Ludlow. Graham Oliver was here to witness the first day of Ludlow police’s Christmas speed and drink-driving enforcement campaign. Seven vehicles on Sheet Road were pulled over in just a few minutes for speeding. I live near Sheet Road and I can tell you, Mr Oliver, that speeding not just frequent there, its normal. The default mode of driving on some roads here is to speed.

On birds and trees, planning and police – when can developers chop down trees?

Update May 2016 PC David Hart, mentioned below, is no longer a member of the West Mercia Wildlife Unit. See the West Mercia police website for the latest Shropshire contact. Main article 25 May 2015 When can developers chop down trees? The short answer is anytime. Unless they disturb nesting birds, fall foul of Tree Preservation Orders or the work is extensive enough to require a licence from the Forestry Commission. This article is about disturbing birds. It follows two recent incidences of tree cutting on developments in Ludlow during the nesting season. I am making no suggestion that birds or their nests have been harmed during these operations but I thought it would be useful to clarify what the rules are. I can’t comment on specific cases until I get further information from officers.

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