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Plans submitted for redevelopment of One Stop on Tower Street

Macham Investments Ltd have published plans to redevelop the ugly One Stop site at 9 Tower Street (16/04032/FUL). This site needs developing, though I am concerned that the company could be trying to cram too much onto the site. The plan is for a retail unit or café on the ground floor with 10 apartments on the first floor. Above those will be two floors of offices. A ground floor annex will also house offices.

Plans to redevelop One Stop at 9 Tower Street are to be updated after heritage concerns

The main concern with redevelopment of the One Stop is the future of the post office. But we are also concerned about the heritage aspects of this important site. Following concerns raised about the remains of the Tower Street goal between One Stop and the Renaissance Centre, the architect Trevor Hewitt is revising the plans for redeveloping the site. The stone wall is not a listed building. It should be and I don’t know why it is not. I have asked Shropshire Council’s conservation team and Historic England whether the remains can be listed.

Update on plans for One Stop and Post Office – both will have to go if planning permission is given for 9 Tower Street

I wrote about the plans to redevelop the One Stop building at 9 Tower Street at the weekend. This update gives more detail, including on the future of the post office. No 9 Tower Street was purchased by Macham Investments Ltd in July 2015 for £490,000. Macham is a property developer based in the south of England. It has instructed local architect Trevor Hewitt to draw up plans for redevelopment of the site. Mr Hewitt submitted draft designs to Shropshire Council earlier this year. The council gave ‘pre-application advice’ on the scheme. That advice recommended that he conduct a limited consultation with local residents about the scheme. That is underway now. The closest residents have been leafletted, a display is in the library and Mr Hewitt yesterday made presentations on the scheme to the town council and conservation committee.

Plans for new restaurant and apartments on Tower Street replacing One Stop and the Post Office

Ludlow architect Trevor Hewett has drawn up plans to rebuild the One Stop store in Tower Street as a restaurant and ten two bedroom apartments. In an exhibit currently in Ludlow Library, Mr Hewett says: We are preparing a planning application seeking change of use of the ground floor to restaurant use or retail use. New upper floors will contain ten two-bedroom apartments. The stone building currently housing refuse bins will become the entrance to the apartments. New upper floors over the stone building will contain a two-bedroom town house. Any development on this site will be an improvement on horrid building that currently stands at 9 Tower Street. But I have my doubts about the scale of the proposed building. I think it is too tall. I am also concerned about the future of our main post office.

Update: 11 April 2016 Post Office services say they have no knowledge of the plans to convert One Stop into a restaurant: Main article 9 April 2016 Tomorrow (Sunday), the last pints will be pulled at the Church Inn – at least for some weeks. The current management is to leave and staff have lost their jobs. Cedric from the Charlton Arms is to take direct control of the pub. At this stage, there is no news on how long the pub will be closed or what character it will assume when it reopens. With the Rose and Crown closed for major refurbishment, this leaves us with two pubs with their lights out in the town centre just as the tourist season builds up. The Mayfair breezes in town at the end of the month. I wonder how the wet trade (drinking) will cope with two pubs down and out. And we have lost at least fifty covers (eating) on the food front. As we wait for these pubs to metamorphose, there is news that the One Stop on Tower Street is expected to close permanently leaving the future of the town centre post office in doubt.

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