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No trains through Ludlow again for a third day – expect the same tomorrow and early Monday (at least)

Updated 9.00am. Live updates for Saturday are now here. It looks like there will be no trains through Ludlow today (Saturday). You can expect the same on Sunday. On Monday, trains are expected to be “highly impacted” first thing in the morning. Other than a few bus services last Wednesday, there have been no replacement buses and none are yet announced for today. Arriva Trains Wales has announced at 8.45am the routes it is running today. The list doesn’t include trains through Ludlow on the Manchester to Cardiff line.

This article relates to Thursday. See here for Friday’s update. Arriva Train Wales has cancelled trains through Ludlow for a second day. Unless you must travel, don’t try. The cancellations are a combination of the predicted severe weather during Storm Emma and urgent safety checks after a wheel fault was found overnight on Tuesday. It seems that all 27 trains in the Class 175 fleet have wheel damage. Replacement buses seem sporadic.

This article was updated at 6am Thursday morning. All trains in and out of Ludlow are cancelled this morning and the service may not resume today. This sudden interruption of services is due to wheel damage to a train(s) and the need for safety checks on Arriva’s fleet of Class 175 trains. A replacement bus service has just begun operating (c. 9.00am). The best advice is not to travel unless you really must. Safety is clearly an overriding concern. But there are questions that Arriva needs to answer about this disruption to Shropshire services.

Update on the A49 Onibury closure from Network Rail

Network Rail has provided an update on the closure of the A49 at Onibury (see below). The work is on track and the line is expected to reopen at 6am next Monday, 10 July. Traffic is flowing well around the local diversions. Why a weight restriction is not in place on the B4365, I do not know. There are far too many HGVs going through Culmington, which should have been designated a light traffic route. There is obvious confusion about which divrsion route to take in both Craven Arms and  Ludlow. This morning a truck stopped on the Sheet Road roundabout to ask for directions. The driver spoke to three or four drivers, all the time blocking traffic.

Network Rail drop-in sessions on July A49 corridor rail and road closures next week

Network Rail will be holding a public drop-in session at the Bishop Mascall Centre, Ludlow on Tuesday 13 June, 3-7pm. Their team will also be in Onibury on Wednesday and Craven Arms on Thursday. The sessions are to brief the public on the full closure of the A49 to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists between Saturday 1 July and Sunday 9 July. The rail line will be closed all day on the weekends of 1-2 July and 8-9 July with an hourly bus replacement. This is in addition to previously planned weekend rail closures on 17-18 June and 24-25 June. That means that Ludlow’s rail line will be closed for four weekends in a row during the peak tourist season.

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