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Waste dumped on Castle Street car park – some is identifiable, I have collected evidence and requested a prosecution

Fly-tipping is increasing everywhere. In our county it will not be helped by the closure of recycling bring banks. We have several incidents in Ludlow in recent weeks. By far the worst is also by far the most shocking. A pile of stinking rubbish and packaging has been dumped in the Castle Street car park. Food waste. Plastic bottles. Cartons. But also packaging for items sent through the Royal Mail and courier services. These identify the culprits and I have asked Shropshire Council to consider a prosecution. The real shock is that some of this material is addressed to people who I thought were responsible and working in the best interests of Ludlow. Fly-tipping is utterly irresponsible and if the council decides to act the perpetrators could face substantial fines, even a spell at Her Majesty’s Pleasure (though that is very unlikely). We are a beautiful town. Our car parks…

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Shropshire Council’s recycling isn’t that green but it has backed down on charges for green waste collection

Shropshire Council was always determined to remove the 120 recycling bring banks from around the county. It had managed them badly and that allowed the council to make excuses for scrapping the service by saying the recyclables were contaminated and that businesses were disposing of their waste there. But of course, Shropshire Council only wanted to save money. The council’s waste contractor Veolia described the withdrawal as: “A great opportunity for residents to re-examine their recycling and to make full use of the kerbside service.” But we are more likely to see a lot more recyclables go into the black bin and incinerated. It’s better news that Shropshire Council has abandoned plans to charge £40 a year to collect green waste. The council realised that it was going against the grain of emerging government policy – ministers are calling for free garden waste collections and weekly food waste collections.

Update 20 May 2019: The bring banks have now gone. Shropshire Council is slapping itself on the back saying the withdrawal will improve recycling rates. Original article Most of us use them at one point or another. They are a familiar sight in car parks across Shropshire. They are not particularly pretty. But they are useful and they help boost recycling. They are the 120 recycling bring banks around the county. We have five in Ludlow. But not for much longer. With its thirst for saving money and disinterest in recycling, the council is planning to take away all the bring banks to save £237,000 a year. The cabinet meets to discuss the withdrawal next Wednesday. I’ll bet my last empty recyclable baked bean can on the proposal being approved. The move will lead to a reduction in recycling and an increase in fly-tipping.

Last day to comment on bid to remove six recycling bring banks in Ludlow – and a hundred more across the county

Recycling is one of the big themes of our age as concerns grow about waste of resources, pollution and climate change. But cash-strapped Shropshire Council wants to remove more than 100 bring banks from car parks and other locations. The council wants to save £230,000 and complains about fly-tipping and use of the bring banks by businesses. Today is the last day to comment. The council is scoring a home goal with its proposals. The government’s new Resources and Waste Strategy aims to boost recycling. Shropshire Council aims to go in the opposite direction. It doesn’t seem to have recycling as a priority any more.

Shropshire Council budget: Cuts are targeted at the health of our county and planet

Shropshire Council has cut £48 million from its budget over the last three years under pressure of government cuts. It will need to cut, or in its words “save”, £18.5m next year. The council has now set out details of the proposed cuts and is asking for public comments. Under the proposals, recycling will get more difficult and households will pay twice over for garden waste. This is bound to cut the proportion of waste that is recycled, a proportion that is already falling. The council is also proposing cuts to the planning team, along with culture and leisure services.

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