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Ludlow Town Council set to increase the number of market stalls and pitches from 20 to 30 #recovery

Ludlow Town Council meets on Monday night to discuss, among other matters, expansion of the number of trading pitches on the market in the light of the government’s decision to reduce social distancing from two metres to one metre. Hopefully this, along with the reopening of pubs and cafes, will bring the town centre back into life – though we must all act with caution and safety and its will be a very long while before we witness the crushes of old on King Street and on the market. If the town council agree the plans on Monday, the new arrangements will be in place from Wednesday 8 July.

Ludlow Town Council sets out new plans for Ludlow Market hours before vital council decision meeting #coronavirus

At 2pm this afternoon, Ludlow Town Council issued new plans for a social distanced market in Ludlow. This follows feedback from its initial plans and discussion among councillors. Unfortunately, these were not circulated to unitary councillors or published on the town council’s website. This hurried post distils the essence of documents I first saw half an hour ago. There will be two layouts discussed tonight. Both are different from those in the published papers, which I summarised here. The new plans allow for up to 22 or 25 businesses to trade from the market from stalls, gazebos or vans. “All stalls, pitches and van spaces will be allocated by ballot.”

Shropshire Council cabinet votes not to introduce charges for A-Boards – for now

It was a good decision. A task and finish group set up by Shropshire Council had recommended that hefty annual charges should be imposed on businesses for having A-Boards outside their property. The brakes were put on that proposal at the council’s cabinet yesterday councillors expressed unease about yet another charge on small businesses, especially at a time when they will be struggling due to recover from Covid-19. I remain opposed to charges for A-Boards but we need stronger guidance on where they are placed. We should only introduce charges if retailers don’t follow those new guidelines A-Boards.

Ludlow Market to reopen as a smaller social distanced market but no date set #coronavirus

Papers published by Ludlow Town Council on Friday pave the way to the reopening of Ludlow Market. Next Wednesday night, the council will discuss different layout options for the market (agenda). Officers are not setting out a preferred option and have not proposed a date for reopening the market. The papers suggest that a maximum of 14 stalls and one van will be able to operate. That is one third of the market’s normal capacity of 43 stalls and three vans. There could be as few as nine stalls under the options preferred by officers.

Ludlow calls for free parking until October to help our town recover from #coronavirus

Ludlow Town Council, Ludlow Chamber of Commerce, and the Shropshire Councillors for Ludlow and Clee have written to the leader of Shropshire Council to call for free parking in the town’s car parks to be extended. Free parking is available across all car parks owned by Shropshire Council until the end of June. Councillors and traders in Ludlow are calling for that concession to be extended until the end of October. No one expects trade in rural market towns to instantaneously spring back into life as lockdown ends. We need to do everything we can to support our independent shops and traders until the town’s retail economy gets back on its feet. Without that retail economy, Ludlow will not be Ludlow.

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