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Ludlow Aldi wants to extend delivery hours on Sundays to 7am to 10pm to the detriment of residents

Aldi wants greater flexibility in delivery hours. On Sundays and bank holidays, it is permitted deliveries for six hours from 8am and 4pm. It wants these hours more than doubled to allow deliveries between 7am to 10pm. The application comes with a detailed noise assessment for the store area but this takes no account of noise created as delivery vehicles arrive and depart along Gravel Hill and Henley Road. I don’t think residents should be disturbed by 7am deliveries on Sundays when the store doesn’t open until 10am. Aldi is seeking to extend delivery hours at several of its stores. But Tesco’s delivery hours in Ludlow on Sundays and bank holidays have been 9am to 4pm since 2013. If Tesco can thrive with those hours, so can Aldi. There has been a suggestion that Aldi and Tesco use a different route for deliveries into Ludlow rather than along Gravel Hill….

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Refurbishment of Ludlow’s Feather Hotel is nearing completion and the new owners Crest Hotels have applies for an alcohol licence for the new bar, which will be located where the reception was before. Eyebrows are being raised at the application, which proposes selling alcohol, including off sales, until 2:30am at weekend and 1:30am during the week. This looks like a standard application put in by the company’s legal team to cover every option. I very much doubt that Crest will want to become an early hours boozer full of people who leave other pubs at closing time. I wish the Feathers well but this licence application should be resisted. The hotel’s management could change and the Feathers could easily become a focus for antisocial behaviour.  

Plans submitted to create a new bar area in the Feathers Hotel and repaint the shopfront

Crest Hotels have submitted plans to convert the reception area of the Feather Hotel into a bar. This is a sensitive application for listed building consent which will be scrutinised in detail by Shropshire Council conservation officers and the Ludlow Conservation Area Advisory Committee. A related application seeks advertising consent to refurbish the fascia of the former bar area, which is now a tearoom. The Feathers is a major part of Ludlow’s historic landscape. We can no more do without it than we could do without St Laurence’s Church, the Buttercross, Bodenhams and Ludlow Castle. These are the anchor attractions that bring people into town along with the market, butchers, bakers and so many other traders. These plans need studying in detail. But they look good on a first reading. It is great to see the Feathers coming back into use and getting the level of investment it deserves.

Former toilet on New Road, Ludlow makes bid to become a coffee shop

The recent redevelopment of the toilet on New Road has turned an eyesore into a useful building. When planning permission was given, its use was restricted to a shop or sandwich bar. Now the owners also want permission for it to be used as a café or restaurant. There is likely to be a mixed reaction to this. Some will welcome a new outlet. Others will be concerned about parking and damage to existing businesses.

Pundits predict a “toxic death” for our town centres in 2019. Is that the future for Ludlow?

It’s a New Year. More than any point in the calendar it is a time for reflection and predictions of what lies ahead. Retail matters hugely in Ludlow, not just for our daily shop but to bring in the visitors that give our town centre its buzz. Around the country, town centres are losing their buzz as trade is dragged out of town by vast retail parks or hoovered up by the growing retail power of the internet. Ministers and councils have spent decades overseeing the decline of town centres. They are now panicking and desperate to find ways of resuscitating failing high streets. But they are no longer interested in retail. They want shops replaced by homes. Is this the future for Ludlow town centre? I don’t think so. We are happy being Ludlow and should remain that way.

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