New road safety work will include a calming scheme outside Ludlow Infants School in Sandpits

Shropshire Council intends to carry out fifteen road safety schemes around the county this year. The list includes long needed traffic calming outside Ludlow Infant and Nursery School in Sandpits Road. The decision follows site meetings where parents, governors and councillors have pressed the case for action to reduce the risk of accidents on this busy road. It is hoped that the work will take place in the autumn.

Another scheme to provide a crossing on Old Street for children and parents at St Laurence’s School is not yet scheduled and is likely to be some way off.

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More bump, crash and injury – Shropshire Council is to slow down pothole repairs and pavements will be more dangerous

More people will trip on Ludlow’s pavements and end up in hospital. More cyclists will be tipped into the carriageway. More cars will have their wheels wrecked.

These are just a few of the consequences of a proposed new policy for highway repairs, which Shropshire Council slipped out for consultation without so much as a press release.

I have no doubt these policies will come in. Shropshire Council is beholden to the motor car. And it has cut back the highways budget so severely that reductions in the repair schedule are inevitable.

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Rage at Ludlow motorists – wake up before you drive and maybe kill someone

Begin of rage.

I am getting fed up with this. Can’t I take Mel the Collie for a walk early in the morning without the risk of us both being run over by barely awake motorists who rush through red lights?

Six days ago, I was so angry at a van hurtling out of Ludlow towards Hereford, I raged on Facebook. That was before seven in the morning. Today, around 7.45am, a black Ka did just the same. The driver sped from Sheet Road hooking right to the A49 to Hereford.

At that point, there is a lights controlled pedestrian crossing. You can’t miss it and the lights don’t change quickly. But the driver sped through three or four seconds after the green cross light was showing not noticing either of us.

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Proposal for double yellow lines on New Street, Ludlow (updated 28 September)

This has been a long running issue. The entrance from New Road to New Street is narrow and hazardous for pedestrians. But is also a vital parking space for residents’ cars.

Would double yellow lines solve the safety problem?

Shropshire highways have drawn up a scheme. The map is below.

We are currently conducting a limited survey of the residents most affected. The town council is being consulted. Depending on the results of that, we will decide whether to propose the scheme formally and consult more widely.

Let me know your views. Many of you already have.

Proposed no waiting restrictions cropped

Update 3 August

This is one I got wrong. I didn’t conduct enough investigation before beginning a small consultation on yellow lines at the hospital end of New Street. I’ve had a lot of calls, a lot of letters and emails, almost none in favour. Many were hostile, some abusive.

This scheme will not go ahead. Given the contentious nature of the scheme, it would have been better to call a community meeting to try to find a consensus on solutions rather than put forward the scheme we have now rejected.

We are still looking at ten metres of lines at the New Road junction. We have also been asked for similar lines at the Hucklemarsh Road junction. We are drawing up plans for a couple of bollards to give greater protection for people coming out of Chapel Row. There will be a full consultation across the area once I have received the detailed plans for these minimal schemes if we think they should go ahead. But let me know your views at any time.

Update 28 September

In July, I proposed a scheme of yellow lines at the New Road. As I said at the beginning of August, this scheme will not go ahead.

We were looking at a smaller scheme but I can’t get any consensus between among residents. Nothing will now happen, no yellow lines, no bollards. If I had taken a different approach, we might have got consensus, but frankly I doubt it. I have learnt lessons from this.

I’ll write to residents explaining matters in more detail.

Hopes grow for a pedestrian crossing on Old Street

Hopes are growing for a pedestrian crossing on Old Street after councillor Viv Parry presented a case to Shropshire Council.

We have been concerned about pedestrian safety in Old Street for some time. Drivers are often going at some speed as they come downhill out of the 20mph limit. Some put their foot down as they go uphill towards the town centre.

A lot of children cross the road on their way to and from St Laurence’s school. We need to ensure that they are safe. The school is working very hard to get this crossing. I visited the school with the council officers responsible for highways. After that, the children went door to door along Old Street asking residents if they wanted the crossing.

Elderly people also need a safe crossing to and from the sheltered housing at the Fees.

The good news is that Shropshire Council is now going to do a survey of traffic speed and pedestrian movements. This will give us the data we need to make a financial case for the crossing and ensure it is in the most useful place.

If the pedestrian crossing gets approval, it is likely to be downhill of St John’s Road and Friars Walk.