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Rocks Green supermarket plan gets into trouble over trees and landscaping

Shropshire Council’s tree team has voiced its disapproval at the final design of the Rocks Green supermarket site (20/00840/REM). It says the scheme does not represent the best possible sustainable design because “the development fails to effectively protect restore and enhance the natural assets that are key to the character and amenity of the area.” The team is very critical of the limited space being provided for trees, saying there is a risk of overcrowding, poor growth and one in five trees dying. The store will be much bigger than originally proposed: 34,000 sq ft instead of the 25,000 sq ft originally approved. Despite a slight reduction in parking spaces from 225 to 219, the increased size of the supermarket has led to a cramped layout with little space for landscaping.

Final plans submitted for supermarket and petrol station off the A49 at Rocks Green, Ludlow

At last we have the detailed application for the controversial application for a supermarket at Rocks Green. It has been nearly six years since the controversial scheme was first proposed. The proposal from Blackfriars Property Group is for be 21,000 sq ft of retail space dedicated to food, along with a petrol filling station with three pumps. The retailer is not named in the application. But no one is expecting it to be a discount retailer such as Lidl.   Ludlow has been spilt on this application. Many think it will damage independent traders in the town centre irreparably. Others welcome a wider retail mix. This is the first of a sequence of new articles on this scheme.

Yesterday, 2 March, Shropshire Council planners approved a 21,000 square foot supermarket on the edge of Ludlow at Rocks Green. This follows a decision by Sajid Javid, the local government and communities minister, not to call the application in for his own determination. Whether the supermarket is good for the town, as many argue, or whether it will destroy our unique town centre, as others claim, this scheme will change Ludlow more than any other planning application approved in recent years.

If approved – will the Rocks Green supermarket be a Lidl? Or a convenience store?

There have been last minute comments and contributions to the Rocks Green supermarket debate. Love Ludlow has submitted alternative plans for the site. Indigo Planning, acting for the developer Blackfriars, has filed a new statement making clear that retailer will not be Tesco or Aldi. These stores will not be allowed to move out to Rocks Green. Indigo is also hinting that the store will be the discounter Lidl. Lidl have told county planners that they are interested in a store on this site. The South Planning Committee will decide whether to back the scheme or reject the plans this afternoon (Tuesday, 7 February; 14/05573/OUT).

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