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Shropshire Council has launched Community Reassurance Teams across the county – we need to know more about how they will work

On Friday, Shropshire Council launched Community Reassurance Teams (CRT) in Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Bridgnorth and Market Drayton. The council says: “The Community Reassurance Teams are a new key service which have been created to work across the county with our communities in an effort to co-ordinate support for local residents, including businesses, with the support of town councils, parish councils, voluntary groups and community groups.” We don’t yet know how this new structure will work. From what I can see there are areas of the county without established Covid-19 support networks. We must ensure those areas have access to adequate support. But we shouldn’t duplicate effort that is well established.

Shropshire Council pledges £295,000 for voluntary and community groups to help with #coronavirus

Shropshire Council has announced a fund for local community and voluntary organisation activity. It will provide a total of £75,000 for local community groups, including community centres and village halls, through grants up to a maximum of £500. An additional £100,000 will be available for groups and initiatives providing food and home supplies to older people and vulnerable residents. There will be an additional £120,000 “investment in our key voluntary organisations, to enable them to both deliver vital support, and provide support to our communities to do this.”

Shropshire Council offers a council tax payment holiday #coronavirus

Shropshire Council has joined councils around the country, including Telford and Wrekin, in offering a council tax holiday for households whose cash flow is suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak. The deal is that you can delay council tax payments due on 1 April 2020 to 1 June 2020. At that point you can either pay the entire bill or the usual ten months of payments. If you already have payments spread over twelve months, this scheme will make no difference to you.

Shropshire Council closes all offices with immediate effect #coronavirus

Our country and county are shutting around us. All Shropshire Council buildings are closed from tonight. We cannot press a pause button on the council’s operations. There are essential services that must keep running and vulnerable people to support. I am not suggesting the council can’t continue operating. It will. The council has been working for years to ensure that staff can work remotely. Many staff have already been working from home for several days. But this will be a challenging test of how effectively Shropshire Council’s staff and councillors can work remotely. But we live in challenging times.

I am guilty as charged –Tories continue complaint against me telling you what is happening

I now have a formal complaint against me from Shropshire Council’s in house solicitor. This is because I wanted to tell people that the price of an extra £1.3m for Ludlow Assembly Rooms would be a repayment of some or all the money, and a curtailing of the community asset transfer (CAT) from 125 years to three years. I have already told the council solicitor I will take any punishment going. If need be, I will resign as a councillor and stand for re-election. That would be nonsense and a waste of public money. But if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. I am utterly committed to Ludlow. I live and breathe this town as do my fellow councillors and most people reading this blog. But Shropshire Council doesn’t want you to know what is happening.

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