Ludlow council to restrict parking in the market area

There is little doubt that parking in the heart of the town centre is a mess. In the evenings and on Tuesdays, people park carelessly, some legally, many illegally. There is perpetual confusion about where the highway begins and ends and who owns which bit of market and castle squares. Various schemes have been put forward to resolve this, but fines are still being slapped on cars.

On Monday, the town council is to discuss a new plan for restricting waiting in Castle Square and Market Square (paperwork). The restrictions might apply during the daytime only or 24-hours a day.

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Should Ludlow become a 20mph town?

It is time to slow down the pace of driving in our town.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a conference in Shrewsbury on 20mph speed limits. I was spurred to attend by our very active campaign by local green group, Ludlow 21. Its members want all residential streets in Ludlow to be 20mph. According to a survey of nearly 500 people, four-fifths of residents want a town-wide 20mph limit on local streets. Even more want a 20mph limit on their streets.

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Parking changes must support Ludlow’s economy and environment

Viv Parry, Tracey Huffer and myself have responded to Shropshire Council’s consultation on parking charges and length of stay.

We must balance the needs of car drivers with those without a car. The vitality of Ludlow depends on meeting the needs of traders and businesses. Residents need somewhere to park. Our town, which is set to see considerable expansion, must build its future around sustainable transport. Nothing else will work in a town enlivened and constrained by its historic fabric and environmental context.

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Ten days left to comment on Shropshire Council’s parking proposals

Shirehall is putting forward proposals to change the parking regime across the county. It proposals will lower some costs and significantly raise others. According to the council leader Peter Nutting, the aim is to raise more than £2 million to pay for cash-strapped services. That’s on top of the £2.4 million the council already makes across the county.

The proposals don’t work for Ludlow. The last day to respond is 17 October, just ten days from now.

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Ludlow Food Festival must improve access, especially for those with limited mobility

The decision to abandon a comprehensive park and ride service for last weekend’s Ludlow Food Festival was bizarre. If you want to put off people coming to Ludlow Food Festival, this was the way to do it.

Many people I spoke to complained of how far it was to walk, especially on their way out of town. People with limited mobility struggled with the journey. Those leaving on Saturday and Sunday afternoon were treated to typical Ludlow rainstorms. Depending on their fitness and where they had parked their cars, it would have taken between 20 and 40 minutes to return to vehicles.

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