Survey: Those drunken kids on the streets of Ludlow

I rarely see 12 year olds drunk on the streets of Ludlow – but every now and again a group has a drinking session outside the Co-op. I see a lot more 14 year olds the worse for drink. And drunk 16 year olds are commonplace, hanging out in play areas, or sometimes just staggering through the town centre shouting or pausing to puke.

Not all of this occurs late at night. Not all of it causes a problem for residents. But every bit of it is a pretty big problem for the kids themselves.

I’m not puritanical about alcohol. But we do seem to seem to have a small number of teen, even pre-teen drunks here in Ludlow. How do we help them?

Shropshire Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) is conducting a survey of residents’ views on young people (under 18 years old) drinking in public areas. Please help by completing the survey. It only takes ten minutes:

Community Alcohol Partnership Resident Survey

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