Day: 16 January 2014

Tomorrow’s South Shropshire Journal announces the long expected end of the current town bus services in Ludlow. It is a headline that will create huge anxiety for regular bus users around the town. Ludlow’s buses are a shambles and a disgrace. The service is  unreliable, inaccessible and uncomfortable. And it looks as though it could get worse with the operator R&B announcing that it will withdraw all services in Ludlow town on 25 January. The South Shropshire Journal and the Shropshire Star report what passengers have been hearing for some time – the current town bus operator R&B is to walk away from the service from 25 January. Shropshire Council has confirmed that a bus service will operate regardless of whether R&B continues to run the route. But with just days to go before the current service ends, the council has not provided any details. The council has been disregarding its own Bus Strategy. This says that a Ludlow town service must run along main routes every half an hour between 7.30am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday. We don’t get that frequency at the moment. The council is also ignoring its policy on using parking charges to fund bus services….

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