Day: 18 July 2014

S10: Ludlow Area Ludlow SAMDev policy maps S10.1 Ludlow town strategy 1. As the largest market town in southern Shropshire, Ludlow will be a focus for development and will continue to play an important role in providing facilities and services for the wider area. The guideline for growth in the town is for around 875 new dwellings and a minimum of 6 ha of employment land between 2006 and 2026; 2. New housing development will be delivered primarily on the allocated housing sites east of the A49, set out in schedule S10.1a and identified on the Policies Map, alongside additional infill and windfall development within the town’s development boundary; 3. To foster economic development and to help deliver a balance between new housing and local employment opportunities, two specific site allocations for new employment land adjacent to the Ludlow Eco Park are set out in Schedule S10.1b and identified on the Policies Map. They are capable of accommodating a range of employment uses. Other appropriate brownfield opportunities for employment use within the town will also be supported. As an important employment area for the wider hinterland, existing employment areas are safeguarded for employment use in accordance with Policy MD9; 4….

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