Month: August 2014

These are current plans and may change if the weather is wet. Bromfield Road will be closed at the Corve Bridge on Sunday 31 August for one day for micro-surfacing. Lower Corve Street will be closed for micro surfacing on Monday and Tuesday 1/2 September. Vehicles, including buses, will be diverted from Bromfield Road, across the Corve Bridge, up New Road and onto Gravel Hill. Further information on the closure from Kirsty Jones, 0345 6789006.

I will be honest. I was really nervous when Tasty plc announced it had taken over Ludlow’s signature café, De Grey’s to convert it to a Wildwood Kitchen. There was good news when Tasty said it would keep the De Grey’s name and the traditional tearoom and bakery. Tasty also it would keep the De Grey’s sign. Contact Wildwood at De Grey’s: 01584 701701. I was nervous again when the sign went off for repainting ten days ago fearing it would have a Wildwood makeover but it came back looking almost unaltered.

A guest post from Shropshire Councillor Tracey Huffer. Future Fit is a utopian ideal. With the financial cuts we are making, I can’t see that it is viable. The plan seems to be that when A&E and other parts of the service can’t cope, patients will be dealt with by GPs and nurses. But we are short of GPs in this county. We have just cut back on District Nurses. The Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group is consulting on the changes, but I’m getting the impression there is a huge head of steam that’s going to blast through these changes whether they are good for Shropshire or not. I am really worried about the loss of the Minor Injuries Unit at Ludlow Hospital. All the minor injuries units in Shropshire are to be closed and replaced by Urgent Care Centres. But there is no guarantee that we will get an Urgent Care Centre in Ludlow. That will mean people with breaks, fractures, asthma attacks and all sorts of problems who are currently treated locally will have to go to Shrewsbury or Telford.

Future Fit is the name for the exercise which is reshaping health services across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin, to make them fit for the modern age and cope with rising demand and over-stretched budgets. The proposals will also affect mid-Wales and are controversial. The NHS is holding a series of consultation workshops. The full list of workshops is here. The Ludlow workshop is Tuesday 23 September, 10am-2pm at the Assembly Rooms. Click here to book a place or call 0121 612 2805. Yesterday, The Mail on Sunday ran a near full page article about the changes in Shropshire: “A&E closures will force doctors to treat patients on Skype.”

Monday (18 August 2014) is the 18-month anniversary of Ludlow’s town walls falling down. They date to the mid-13th century. They have suffered a lot of abuse over the years, but Ludlow still has some of the most complete town walls in England. It is 18 months after a section of the Ludlow’s town walls collapsed on 18 February 2013. The BBC has a good photo of the collapse. All that has happened to repair the walls in the last 18 months is – exactly nothing. I am told that officers and lawyers are holding meetings, but not a single action has yet been taken to instigate repairs to the walls.

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