Day: 19 December 2014

If there was any doubt before, there is none now. The Conservatives can’t be trusted with the NHS, at least not in Shropshire. After one of the most bizarre presentations I have heard in 40-odd years of turning out to committees, yesterday the Conservatives on Shropshire Council voted to wreck a perfectly sensible motion calling on the council to stand up for the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. The motion from Councillor Alan Moseley read: “Given that the Future Fit programme has reached a critical stage in determining policy and strategy for the future of NHS Services in Shropshire, Shropshire Council strongly believes that the retention and development of full A&E services and facilities at the RSH is essential. Furthermore the Council commits itself to pursuing this objective in every way possible and generally ensuring that there is no reduction in the overall levels of service and quality at RSH which are freely available for residents of Shropshire and neighbouring areas.” It’s a simple motion that asks the council to lobby for emergency and other health provision in Shrewsbury, rather let everything drift to Telford. But the Conservatives really couldn’t stomach such a public commitment to supporting the Royal Shrewsbury.

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