Day: 13 March 2015

He left Ludlow to find help elsewhere. Why can’t we help homelessness people in Shropshire?

I’m struggling today. It was a day of beauty in the way people reacted. But the ugly hand of bureaucracy soured everything. T has been here a couple of days. He was rough sleeping. During the day he sat outside Holland and Barretts on Broad Street. I have been buried in work and hadn’t been to town for a couple of days. I was alerted to his predicament this morning. This afternoon I went to see him and to ask if I could help. We got on really well. I found a really nice gentle man who had fallen out of normal life. He has a military background. He said he mourns the death of his parents. He told me his wife had recently died in horrendous circumstances. It was very clear to me that this good man had mental health issues.

Could you help support our young people in Ludlow?

Youth service budgets have been slashed by Shropshire Council. This year, Ludlow is set to receive only £10,850 to run services at the Youth Centre. This means we will need to rely more on volunteers if we are to keep our vital youth sessions going. Could you help? For us to deliver youth activities in the Ludlow area volunteers will be vital. You may have a particular skill that you would enjoy sharing once a term or you may like to come in and help during the youth club session on a rota. You don’t need any particular expertise.

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