Day: 5 April 2015

Plans resubmitted for 20 retirement dwellings at Elm Lodge, Ludlow

Last November, Shropshire planning officers rejected outline plans for 20 retirement dwellings on the goods yard at Elm Lodge, Fishmore Road (14/00884/OUT). Now, the unchanged plans have been resubmitted with the applicants hoping for approval this time (15/01027/OUT). The scheme This is an outline application so we don’t know the full details of the development. The application is only to establish the principle of a retirement settlement on this site and the road access. If the application is successful, a full application will determine the details of the scheme.

An update on my views on the Bromfield Road petrol station and store

I think it useful to make state my current views on this scheme, which have changed as the proposal itself has changed (14/00563/FUL). Two days after I wrote a post saying “the petrol station is the right idea in a perilous place”, a letter from the Environment Agency was published withdrawing its objections. It said that it would prefer the tanks to be set above ground but “being pragmatic we are not minded to object to the proposed development based on the likely risk to groundwater, the proposed tank design and bearing in mind the site context.” The Convault petrol tank storage system proposed for this development is about as good as you can get in terms of blast protection and has good leakage detection. The tanks are still partly below ground though and that must always be a worry. But if they were totally above ground, they would be a hideous monstrosity on this important gateway to Ludlow.

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