Planning application submitted to replace Bankside on Burway Lane

McCartneys have submitted an application for outline permission to replace Bankside on Burway Lane (15/01292/OUT). The house has been unoccupied for a while and undoubtedly needs a lot of work. This proposal is to demolish the existing property, build a new dwelling and create a separate access (the current drive is shared with Lyndon House).

I am a bi puzzled that this is an outline application. McCartneys have drawn up a scheme for the site and submitted it. But planners are not being asked to judge this scheme, just decide whether a replacement house and the new access are acceptable, with matters of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved until a full application is submitted. It may be that McCartneys are seeking outline permission because they intend to market the site and want to give the purchaser confidence a replacement house can be built.



If you want to comment on this application (see my guide), remember that the designs submitted by McCartneys are irrelevant to this application. A building of different style and size may eventually be applied for under full planning permission.

I can see nothing wrong with replacing Bankside but I will want to look in detail at the full planning application when it is submitted, particularly ensure that it is not out of scale with neighbouring properties.

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