Day: 2 May 2015

A blot on Ludlow’s historic streetscape that must not be approved – plans for 81A Corve Street

Plans have been submitted for a new house on lower Corve Street (15/01251/FUL). I don’t want to mince my words on this one. The proposal is a perfect horror that will cause significant harm to the conservation area and the setting of historic buildings. It must be rejected. The plan is for a three bedroom house in a garden adjacent to 81A Corve Street. The site currently provides a break in the streetscape with a nice stone wall. This wall will be removed to make way for this vaguely Georgian looking house. I say vaguely Georgian because it has a shutter garage in the front wall. The design is totally inappropriate for the historic character of Corve Street. The frontage to Corve Street This proposal is extremely insensitive to its historic context. It looks too tall for the streetscape. It has an internal garage opening out onto the street. It might even have UPVC windows. That’s so very wrong for this historic street.

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