Day: 9 June 2015

ip&e – Shropshire Council’s ****** company keeps itself ******

Three years after it was founded, Shropshire Council’s private company ip&e is finally making itself public. It has a new website. This looks cute as a sales pitch. It falls short on explaining what the company is up to. It doesn’t say what it might deliver for the people of Shropshire rather than its hoped for clients. We need to know this information. Shropshire Council owns this company – though there are no rules stopping it being sold to the likes of Serco and Capita. Shropshire Council only owns this company on behalf of the electors of Shropshire – you and me. So surely we should expect to know what’s going on with ip&e? Alas no. The company does not hold annual general meetings. It publishes its accounts as required by law, though you can’t find them on either Shropshire Council’s website or that for ip&e (here they are). It does produce a business plan – but you are not allowed to see that.

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